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multi channel digital creative

Let's face it. Advertising is changing and it's getting harder and harder for agencies to keep up. The pace in which consumers embrace a technology as their primary media channel has moved ahead of the ability of many advertisers to modify their strategies to match. It's a case of evolve, or die.

Emerging technology and R&D are now the front lines of the frenzied race between consumer, advertiser, and regulator. The creation of flexible, and highly independent innovation teams comprised of digital creatives, developers, and engineers is required to counter a market that is evolving faster than the big agencies can change themselves. The race is on to find what is next for marketing and branded communication. The key to sales is knowning what the future holds.

My name is Josh Thomas and I am an internationally experienced digital advertising nerd. After getting a Bachelor of Science in Advertising at Boston University, founding a company, and then working in Boston for a number of years, I set off for Hong Kong. In both locations I built and lead R&D and creative technology departments at O&M and Leo Burnett Hong Kong and Isobar North America.

I focus on a number of areas including code based web design, framework forward web development, Arduino and Raspberry Pi based smart ads, resolving localized digital challenges for overseas markets, as well as taking marketing tech innovation to its logical conclusion. I believe in the use of new technologies to put people and brands together like never before.

I am a dual citizen of both the United States and the European Union with both US and French passports, and can legally work anywhere in either location without a visa.


new tools for new problems

I use a lot of new tools, and some old ones. Here are a few.


As a backer and beta tester for Macaw, I’m already versed in what many believe is the new standard web design tool. While already designing natively in code, with Macaw I can prototype and build faster than ever.


The Maker movement gave us Arduino, powered by Processing. What these little open source microchips can do is unbelievable. Internet of Things, meet Advertising. Lets make advertising a bit smarter.


A web guy who can’t design and build the full content, look, and movement of a site wouldn’t be much of a web guy would he? I don’t just talk the talk of web design, I walk the walk.


While our old static design friend is getting a bit aged, Photoshop is still very much part of my toolkit for styles, icons, color palettes and the such. Down, but certainly not out!

Wordpress & MODX

More times than I care to recall, clients need a quick and easy way to modify content themselves. CMS’s are the power behind most online campaigns these days.

Adobe Edge

Anytime a CSS3 animation is more complex than what could be coded by hand, Adobe Edge comes to the rescue. Native animations are a powerful helping hand to web projects.


so what do i do?

Art, Code, Innovation, and Strategy.

art && code

My background is a design based Art Director who builds around a deep understanding of the code for websites, apps, and experiences. I don’t just throw around terms like “Responsive Design”, “Mobile-First”, or “Build for Frameworks”. I live them.

digital R&D

I strongly believe that the best opportunities in advertising lie in platforms that either are just being invented, or have yet to realize their full potential. I focus on rapid prototyping of these concepts to create marketing tools that bring people and brands together.


“Digital” doesn’t just mean “on a computer screen”. Open source micro controllers and sensors are allowing for a new generation of “phygital” OOH interactions. Branded experiences that, when interacted with, interact right back.

digital strategy

Sometimes the most obvious answer is actually the best. But many times these concepts are hindered by a lack of clear digital strategy and leadership. I provide start-to-finish strategy and innovative leadership to keep Agile projects agile.


recent experience

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